Mal Simms

I am a photographer and artist based in Littlehampton, West Sussex. My photographic specialties are landscape, Urban Landscape, Seascapes and nature. I have been taking photographs for over 40 years and still find the experience very exciting. Some of my work has been inspired and influenced by travels as a musician with my band 'Legacy' throughout Britain and Europe and for many years as a Mountaineer. I love wild places and through my images, I try to capture the beauty and tranquility of our world.

My painting specialties are landscapes, Seascapes and more recently, contemporary and abstract art. I am currently working on a project exploring geometric three dimensions. I mostly paint using acrylics on canvas or board. I do sometimes use other mediums such as oils, pastels, watercolor, gouache. I enjoy the freedom of contemporary and abstract art and find it very exciting and challenging.

I have exhibited my work at numerous local venues and galleries, including The Ox market, Chichester, The Norfolk Centre Arundel, Littlehampton Museum and Art gallery and more recently Billingshurst Centre. I hold at least 2 local exhibitions per year and also exhibit in local festival art trails.

Over the years I have undertaken a number of commissions; More recently providing a stock of local images to promote tourism and the regeneration of Littlehampton, my home town. These images are currently on display as large banners in some of the local shop windows.

through my involvement with music I am often commissioned to create publicity and promotional images of musicians and bands and design album covers, publicity leaflets, posters and web images. Recently I photographed Johnstock 11, a local festival. These images can now be found on Facebook.

All my limited edition prints are printed with the highest quality materials and are designed to remain colorfast for at least 70 years.



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